Chocolate Chip Cookies & Ice Cream Panini Recipe

Who knew you could grill cookies on a panini press? Not only is it faster than baking in the oven, the cookies also come out extra crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside – perfect for building grilled ice cream sandwiches! Using ready-made cookie dough, you can enjoy this quick and easy, classic dessert treat any night of the week. Want to read about how this recipe was created? Check out “Yup, I Grilled Cookies!”

1 serving

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2 uncooked refrigerated-dough cookies*
Ice cream


Preheat panini grill to medium heat (325 degrees).

Place cookie dough on the grill, with at least 3 inches of space between them. Close the lid, ensuring the grates make direct contact with the cookie dough from both the top and bottom. Grill cookies for 7-8 minutes until crisp and golden on the bottom. Remove cookies from the

Place a scoop of ice cream on top of one cookie. Top with the other cookie, bottom side up. Press down gently to secure the sandwich. Scatter sprinkles along the sides of the ice cream. Serve immediately and enjoy!

* If you prefer to use homemade cookie dough, form each cookie into balls, flatten into approx. 1/2″ thick discs and chill for several hours prior to grilling.


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  1. Karen wrote:

    This is genius! I love your blog. So fun!

    Posted 4.12.08 Reply
  2. PaniniKathy wrote:

    Thanks so much! I love writing it! 🙂

    Posted 4.12.08 Reply
  3. Kevin and Katrina wrote:

    Um, Yum! I don’t have a panini press, but do you think the George Foreman grill would work? I have some cookie dough ready to go! So happy to have found your site on Cookie Madness.

    Posted 5.2.08 Reply
  4. PaniniKathy wrote:

    Hi Kevin & Katrina – thanks for stopping by! Your Foreman grill might actually work all right for this, if you’ve got one of the models that allow you to set the temperature. I’d love to hear how you fare!

    Posted 5.2.08 Reply
  5. Wow! This is an amazing idea and one I would have never thought of. I am thinking of paninis in an entire new light.

    Posted 7.12.08 Reply
  6. I love this! Fun food for a “fun” albeit dull Sunday;-)

    Posted 11.15.08 Reply
  7. Resa wrote:

    My son gave me a panini maker for Christmas and I finally got to use it tonight. First we made Reuben sandwiches (yum!) then moved onto this great dessert recipe. However, it didn’t work for me! The cookies just melted flat and had to be scraped off of the panini grill in a crumbly mess. No way I could get a whole, flat cookie. So, what’s the secret? I used chilled, Nestle toll house cookie dough. We wound up putting the cookies crumbles on top of a bowl of ice cream. Still tasted good, but not the ice cream sandwich I was planning to wow my family with.

    Posted 2.18.11 Reply
    • Kathy wrote:

      I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out as expected, Resa. I don’t recall the brand of cookie dough I used but it wasn’t Nestle…something like Tom’s. This was one of the first recipes I posted when I was just starting the blog 3 years ago – I’m proud to say I’m a much better recipe creator these days! Every blogger has older recipes they wish they had the time to revisit, this is one of those for me. I hope you’ll continue to have fun experimenting with your new grill – my newer recipes are much better, I promise! 🙂

      Posted 2.18.11 Reply
  8. Marina Wilson wrote:

    Just bought a panini press …can’t wait to try some recipes

    Posted 11.10.13 Reply
    • Kathy Strahs wrote:

      Have a great time with your new press, Marina!

      Posted 11.10.13 Reply
  9. ANDREA wrote:

    I just came across your website because I was surfing for some panini recipes. I won a panini maker last Christmas & I forgot I had it stashed away in my cupboard & re found it tonight! I had so much fun reading your recipes & I just can’t wait to try them!! They are so inventive & look so delish! Thanks again for such a cool website!! I can’t wait to try cookies!!!

    Posted 1.25.14 Reply
    • Kathy Strahs wrote:

      Congrats on the new press — have fun, Andrea! ~Kathy

      Posted 1.25.14 Reply