The Lemonade Stand Cookbook, by Kathy Strahs -- Get it on Kickstarter!

Hello All! How fitting that my last post was about lemonade, because today I’m sharing with you my new cookbook for kids ages 6-12, called The Lemonade Stand Cookbook! It’s all about empowering kids to get cooking, get crafty, and become entrepreneurs. The book just launched on Kickstarter (which means, it’s available to order) and I couldn’t be more proud of it. I hope you’ll consider picking up copies for your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews or all of the above!

The Lemonade Stand Cookbook, by Kathy Strahs

What I’ve loved most about creating The Lemonade Stand Cookbook has been coming up with features that make each page as kid-friendly and appealing as possible:

  • Step-by-step illustrations, drawn by the amazing Carol Yoshizumi, to make each step easy and fun to follow
  • “Stand stories” from the kids themselves, recounting that time they had a lemonade stand (they DO say the darnedest things!), are inspiring for kids to read
  • Easy conversions to make large drink quantities — most recipes you find only yield enough for a few servings, these recipes take the guesswork out of scaling up for a crowd

The Lemonade Stand Cookbook, by Kathy Strahs

This is one of my favorite pages in book because it’s all about how kids can help others through a lemonade stand. I’ve got heartwarming stories from Ava, whose Girl Scout troop raised $1,000 for a friend battling cancer, and Sara and Nico, who raised money for people who needed wheelchairs. So inspiring!

More than 50 kids are featured in The Lemonade Stand Cookbook, and more than 40 families tested the recipes and crafts. It has truly taken a village. Thank you so much for your support!



Ginger Lemonade
What better reason to come out of a blogging “hiatus” than to celebrate a new life? One of my favorite food bloggers and a dear friend, Joanne from Fifteen Spatulas, and her husband Pete have recently welcomed Baby James into the world. A slew of us are throwing a virtual party in their honor today!

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Joanne’s perseverance and strength through medical challenges over the past few years, as well as her many personal and professional triumphs, have inspired me again and again. And, of course, the dishes she shares on Fifteen Spatulas are always so inviting and just the kind of food I like to eat. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and I couldn’t be happier for her and Pete as they get to know their new little guy.

The Ginger Lemonade recipe that I’m sharing today was actually one that my friends and I wished we’d had around the time my own son was born. We were in a parent education group together and one of the ladies brought a pitcher of the most incredible lemonade, infused with ginger, to one of our meetings. She had a private chef and he had made it (that’s the life!). I’m not the biggest ginger fan in the world, but the spicy kick it brought to the lemonade was absolutely irresistible. We never got the recipe from her chef, but we did insist that she bring more lemonade to our subsequent meetings.
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Win a Le Creuset 8×8 Square Baker!

October 7, 2015

My Kickstarter campaign to launch The 8×8 Cookbook has gotten off to a terrific start! It’s nearly 70% of the way toward reaching my goal of $20,000 to produce the book, the project has been named a Kickstarter Staff Pick (which is a really good thing), and the Early Bird rewards are nearly sold out. Thank you […]

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The 8×8 Cookbook — My Kickstarter is LIVE!

September 30, 2015

The 8×8 Cookbook Launches Today! It’s the moment of truth—my Kickstarter campaign to launch The 8×8 Cookbook is officially live!  As I announced earlier this summer, I started a publishing company this year, Burnt Cheese Press, LLC. The 8×8 Cookbook: Square Meals for Weeknight Family Dinners, Desserts and More–In One Perfect 8×8 Inch Dish is my first release, and […]

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What I’ve Been Up To — A Fun New Project and a New Company!

July 14, 2015
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Hey there! I can’t believe it’s been nearly 6 months since my last post. Time definitely flies when you’re having fun — and I’ve been having lots of fun, diving into a new cookbook project! Introducing…The 8×8 Cookbook No panini press this time, it’s all about the 8×8-inch baking dish (or metal pan). You know that little […]

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Turkey, Bacon Lattice and Havarti Panini

February 25, 2015

Believe it or not, these Turkey, Bacon Lattice and Havarti Panini are the first sandwiches I’ve grilled in more than 7 months. I have been waiting for the right inspiration, and I got it this weekend when a fabulous new bakery, Manresa Bread (the first retail outpost for the two-Michelin starred restaurant Manresa), opened near me. I want to […]

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Devouring the 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show

January 16, 2015

So many booths, so many dreams! Imagine the world’s largest Whole Foods on a Friday evening…plus sales reps…and speed dating. At the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco on Monday, I was overwhelmed — dizzied, even — by the sheer volume of specialty food products and people looking to buy, sell, package and promote them. […]

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Diving Into Butter

November 3, 2014

My butter experience has changed, and I’ve been telling everyone about it. The initial shift happened during my 40th birthday dinner at Coi, in San Francisco. When it was time for the bread course, about an hour into our tasting menu, our server bothered to mention that the little individual loaves of Japanese milk bread he […]

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Those Cuban Sandwiches from the “Chef” Movie!

October 13, 2014

There’s a memorable scene in Chef — if you saw the movie this summer, you know the one — where John Leguizamo sways to Cuban music, massaging mojo marinade into a pork shoulder in a manner that probably deserves some privacy. When it’s falling-off-the-bone roasted, Jon Favreau, like a surgeon, shaves off a few test […]

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Why You Need This Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

October 1, 2014
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Because I’ve made them many times over the years and they’re the best pumpkin muffins I’ve tasted — fluffy, flavorful, unfussy, nice doming. Because even though baking with pumpkin can be kind of a seasonal fad, it’s a delicious one, so pumpkin on! Because now that it’s October you’re undoubtedly going to need to bring […]

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