Grilled Banana Bread…and our Hawaiian Vacation!

March 1, 2014
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Under the shade of an umbrella, reclined in a beach chair with my sandy legs outstretched, in view of coconut trees, paddle surfers and my little kids who are splashing at the edge of the lagoon…this is my paradise. And paradise was reality last week when my family traveled to Hawaii! I’ve got a slew […]

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Double Chocolate Panini

December 10, 2013
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If Double Chocolate Panini are wrong, I don’t think I want to be right. 🙂 My little kids came home from the park yesterday just as I was finishing up with these photos, and their jaws kind of dropped when they saw the mischief I had gotten into in the kitchen. A chorus of “Can […]

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Dark Chocolate Sweetheart Panini…plus a Sweet Giveaway!

February 13, 2013
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It’s something I’ve learned from my kids, but I’ve found it works on me too – food suddenly becomes much more appealing when it’s heart-shaped. Of course, it hardly takes any convincing at all to get most of us to try a sandwich filled with dark chocolate spread. Dark Chocolate Sweetheart Panini are my homage […]

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Nutella S’mores Panini…and my TV Cooking Debut!

July 3, 2012

Today marks something of a milestone in my food career…my first live TV cooking demo! A last minute spot opened up on a local show so I decided to give it a shot. Other than my necklace being tucked inside the neckline of my dress (next time I will remember to bring a mirror!) things […]

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Strawberry, Banana & Nutella Panini

March 30, 2011
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When I was six years old my best friend’s family went away to Switzerland for several months. When she returned, the sandwiches her mom made for us on playdates at her house were upgraded to include an exciting new chocolate frosting-like ingredient. I could hardly believe we were allowed to have it. It came from […]

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Open-Face Ice Cream Sandwiches with Caramelized Bananas and Walnuts

May 14, 2010
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If you were to ask me what’s the very best thing I could think of to make with this Chocolate Bread I’ve been talking about all week, it would go something like this: I’d grill a slice to get it nice and warm and a little bit toasted on the outside. Then I’d mound a […]

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Brie & Basil Grilled Cheese on Chocolate Bread

May 12, 2010
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As I mentioned yesterday, it’s Chocolate Bread Panini Week on Panini Happy – one amazing homemade chocolate yeast bread plus three different panini made with it. Believe it or not, this Brie and basil grilled cheese was actually the very first panini idea that popped into my head to make with the chocolate bread. It’s […]

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Gingerbread Blondie S’mores Panini

December 8, 2009
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It started with thoughts of gingerbread… Could I make dessert panini with gingerbread? Nice, semi-thick, cake-like gingerbread might really work on the grill. It would get all crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I should do blondies. Is there a recipe for gingerbread blondies? Oh, thank God – Martha’s got one. Perfect. […]

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Peanut Butter Pound Cake S’mores Panini

November 11, 2008
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I’ll get right to the punchline – these were over the top, scarf ’em down good! I’m just thankful that I only use still images on Panini Happy rather than any kind of live webcam or you’d have witnessed my husband and I spattering the kitchen countertops with chocolate sauce as we repeatedly dunked more […]

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Grilled Brownie Sundae Panini

August 4, 2008
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Oh yes, I did! Grilling brownies on the panini press – it works!  They may be a little flatter than typical brownies, but they’re still soft and chocolatey and warm and the perfect platform for dessert panini.  I grilled these up with some slightly tart frozen yogurt inside, the most wonderful blueberry balsamic syrup (thanks, […]

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