Chicken, Brie, Fig & Arugula Panini

March 5, 2012
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It wasn’t quite the family bonding experience I usually look forward to. Ten days of the flu…our entire household. There is a very good reason they give shots for this (and, yes, we had ours) – it’s no fun at all if you get it. I can’t remember if I’d ever had the flu before […]

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Grilled Ratatouille Panini + Pesto Giveaway!

July 12, 2011
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It’s not usually my style to wrap up my food in little bows, but today I’m making an exception for a few practical reasons. Not only do these Grilled Ratatouille Panini taste even better once the flavors of the grilled summer vegetables, fresh mozzarella and pesto have had the chance to mix and mingle a […]

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Stove-Top Sirloin Sandwiches + “Big Bowl of Love” Cookbook Giveaway!

June 1, 2011
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As you could tell from my interview with Cristina Ferrare, cookbook author and host of Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love on OWN, love is a key ingredient in her cooking. Today’s Stove-Top Sirloin Sandwiches from her cookbook are no exception. They bring together steak and cheese hot off the broiler with crisp, raw vegetables […]

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Garlic Chicken Panini

September 28, 2010
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Here it is – my final post in the Get Dinner on the Table series. Hopefully you’ve gleaned some helpful new ideas, tips and recipes to make weeknight meals a little easier. Let me add one last dinner idea to the mix: Garlic Chicken Panini. Garlic Chicken is more like a nickname for this sandwich. […]

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Peaches & Bacon Panini

July 12, 2009
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I’m back! It’s been a little while since I grilled new panini for you guys. Or, more accurately, it’s been a trimester!  We’re thrilled to be expecting our next little one in January. I’m happy to report I’m finally moving out of the “total exhaustion” stage on into “pretty tired.” Now that the thought of […]

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Grilled Peaches & Humboldt Fog Panini Recipe

July 25, 2008

I didn’t realize how much more enjoyment I stood to derive out of panini by expanding my cheese horizons!  You might remember I used a goat cheese called Humboldt Fog on those Burger Mini-Panini Sliders a few weeks back.  I’m telling you, from the first time I tasted Humboldt Fog I knew it was far […]

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Emmental, Honey & Ham Panini Recipe

June 24, 2008

I may have a new favorite sandwich.  Now, I have enjoyed all of the panini on my blog or I wouldn’t have written them up (trust me, there a number that will never be repeated!), but today’s Emmental, Honey & Ham Panini was especially tasty.  Can’t-put-it-down good.  And it all hinged on the terrific flavor […]

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Keeping it Simple

May 4, 2008

I feel myself heading into a phase – a “back to basics” phase. Some panini out there are just getting too frou-frou for me. Maybe it’s the fact that we call them panini rather than just grilled sandwiches. They kind of sound fancy, so maybe we should fill them with fancy ingredients? It’s certainly tempting. […]

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Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Panini Recipe

April 30, 2008

A classic Italian caprese salad is reinvented as bright-flavored panini…and it’s not just for vegetarians either. Sweet heirloom tomatoes and creamy, melted fresh mozzarella are accented by fresh basil and a hint of lemon zest and olive oil on a French baguette. The result is a satisfying medley of flavors that’s quick and easy to […]

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Look to the Salad

April 28, 2008

It never would have crossed my mind to pair roast beef with apples if Rachel of Coconut & Lime hadn’t suggested it as part of my new On Your Grill series. Rachel writes: My dream panino? A variation of a salad I had years ago that included gorgonzola, thinly sliced tart apples and thin, rare […]

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