Grilled Wine & Cheese

April 7, 2011
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Just when I think I’ve tried every possible technique for making sandwiches on this blog I find a new concept that begs me to try it. Have you ever brushed wine inside a grilled cheese sandwich? I was browsing the recipe section of the Panera Bread website when I saw a recipe for Grilled Gruyère on Asiago […]

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Strawberry, Banana & Nutella Panini

March 30, 2011
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When I was six years old my best friend’s family went away to Switzerland for several months. When she returned, the sandwiches her mom made for us on playdates at her house were upgraded to include an exciting new chocolate frosting-like ingredient. I could hardly believe we were allowed to have it. It came from […]

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Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Panini

March 15, 2011
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How do you like that – GREEN grilled cheese for St. Patrick’s Day! I made these sandwiches in homage to the salad dressing wonder that is the Green Goddess. Bursting with bright, fresh green herbs and kicked up with the bold flavors of garlic and anchovies, Green Goddess salad dressing has been making a bit […]

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Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil Panini

February 24, 2011

This is my second in a series of posts on Panini Happy that are sponsored by Panera Bread. Remember those lovely Slow-Roasted Tomatoes I shared yesterday? Here’s the very first thing I made with them: Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella & Basil Panini on ciabatta. It’s a can’t-miss classic – the sandwich version of an Italian caprese […]

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Super Bowl(TM) Panini: Grilled Beer & Cheese

February 2, 2011
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Okay, Packers fans – thanks for indulging my Pittsburgh-themed panini earlier this week. This next one is for you! When I asked the Panini Happy Facebook fans for sandwich suggestions to represent Green Bay, naturally beer and cheese came to many people’s minds. It’s a classic Wisconsin pairing. As I explored different ideas for how […]

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Grilled Eggplant Parmigiana Panini

November 9, 2010
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At one time, a few years ago, I had almost 15 magazine subscriptions coming to my mailbox – everything from Food & Wine to People to The Industry Standard (any former dot-commers remember that one?). Even though I’ve cut that number back to about 5 or 6, keeping up with popular culture through glossy magazine […]

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Almond Butter & Raspberry Panini on Chocolate Bread

May 13, 2010
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There are two kinds of people in this world: those who will catch a glimpse of a photo like this and dash for the nearest roll of Bounty in horror, and those who will want to mischievously swab their index finger through that river of almond butter and gleefully lap it up. I think it’s […]

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Brie & Basil Grilled Cheese on Chocolate Bread

May 12, 2010
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As I mentioned yesterday, it’s Chocolate Bread Panini Week on Panini Happy – one amazing homemade chocolate yeast bread plus three different panini made with it. Believe it or not, this Brie and basil grilled cheese was actually the very first panini idea that popped into my head to make with the chocolate bread. It’s […]

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Spicy Grilled Cheese Sliders

April 12, 2010
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Shhhhh. There’s a secret ingredient in these sliders that’s virtually invisible, yet it “makes” these sandwiches. It’s chili oil…brushed on the outside of the bread. I learned this little trick from a local pizza place. One of the waiters divulged to me that the kick of flavor I couldn’t get enough of was actually a […]

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Roasted Apples, Brie & Pecan Panini

October 21, 2009
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I have just become acquainted with an amazing treat: roasted apples! For all the gazillion ways in which I’ve been enjoying apples every autumn I can’t believe I never tried roasting them until now. The irresistible part is the caramelized crust that forms on the bottom from the sugars in the apple. I roasted a […]

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