Broccoli Cheddar Panini …plus Win SIGNED Pioneer Woman Holiday Cookbooks!

November 20, 2013
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I have about a handful of “kitchen kindred spirits” and my friend Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) is one of them. Virtually every time she shares a recipe on her blog (or Food Network show, or cookbooks!) it’s a dish I not only want to eat (like, right away), but I also want to […]

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Big Game Week: Turkey, Bacon and Swiss Panini

January 28, 2013
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Longtime readers of Panini Happy could already predict what’s happening on the blog this week – it’s my annual Big Game Week, where I share football-worthy panini press recipes celebrating each of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl. I can’t claim to be a devoted football fan, but I do enjoy the spectacle […]

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Grilled Duck Breast Club Panini

March 19, 2012
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If you overheard a triumphant yelp coming from my kitchen yesterday afternoon that was me, elated over the fact that I finally figured out how to grill duck breast on the panini maker with crispy skin! It practically became a mission. I grilled duck breast after duck breast – skin side up, skin side down, high […]

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Spicy Grilled Cheese Sliders

April 12, 2010
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Shhhhh. There’s a secret ingredient in these sliders that’s virtually invisible, yet it “makes” these sandwiches. It’s chili oil…brushed on the outside of the bread. I learned this little trick from a local pizza place. One of the waiters divulged to me that the kick of flavor I couldn’t get enough of was actually a […]

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Southwestern Chili Panini

January 6, 2010
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[tweetmeme] Suffice it to say Southwestern Chili Panini aren’t likely to win any sandwich beauty pageants. But while they might not be much of a feast for the eyes, let me assure you that your mouth will be very happy you decided to make them. With the colder temperatures and football championships upon us, it’s […]

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Red Chile Chicken Panini

March 2, 2009
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I conjured up a vision of the panini and the flavors before I had even decided on the ingredients. Something with a little heat, but maybe an element to cool it down. Mild cheese, nothing too grandiose. A bright-flavored herb or vegetable that complements, but doesn’t distract from, the gentle spiciness.  A good crunch on […]

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Red Dragon, Roast Beef & Arugula Panini Recipe

June 30, 2008

Red Dragon, with its robust cheddar, mustard and ale flavors, would make a fantastic grilled cheese sandwich on its own (read my “review” of this great cheese!).  In fact, I broiled a few open-faced ones for breakfast last week!  But since the point of my Cheese, Please! series is not only to find great cheeses […]

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California BLT Mini-Panini Recipe

March 24, 2008

A BLT (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) is a true American classic. Paying homage to my home state, this California-style BLT panini recipe draws upon the classic flavor trio, plus adds a little Golden State flair with avocado and sourdough bread. Another little twist: these round-shaped “mini-panini” are inspired by the circular shape of pancetta, tomatoes […]

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Egg & Bacon French Toast Panini Recipe

March 6, 2008

You can easily pull this indulgently-delicious breakfast sandwich together for yourself in under 15 minutes with ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen. French toast made with a hint of sweet maple syrup is grilled on the panini press and then filled with a two-egg omelet and smoky bacon. Any guilty feelings will quickly […]

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Turkey Mango Double-Decker Club Panini Recipe

March 2, 2008

It’s the classic club sandwich, panini-style! “Upstairs” on this double-decker grilled sandwich features the familiar trio of turkey, tomato and cheddar cheese, while “downstairs” offers a sweet and savory combination of mango, bacon and swiss cheese. The center bread is pre-grilled to keep it crispy and a zesty avocado spread accents the flavors. This is […]

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