Panini 101

How to Make Panini With a Cast-Iron Panini Press

March 31, 2010
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A frequent question I receive in my e-mail inbox is for advice on using cast-iron panini presses. Having mainly grilled with electric grills, I haven’t been able to offer too many insights…until now. Thanks to the folks at Le Creuset, I’ve had the opportunity to try out one of their gorgeous presses (and, yes, I’ve […]

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How to Make Panini Without a Panini Press

February 19, 2009

If I were queen for a day, I’d grant every household a panini press (and space to keep it) because they’re so useful and versatile and, in my opinion, the easiest way to make great panini. However, until I seize … er … receive such power I thought I’d update the Panini 101 series with […]

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5 Money-Saving Panini Tips

January 3, 2009

Now that we’re all tapped out from our holiday shopping and the economy is still in the doldrums, I thought it would be worthwhile to offer up some money-saving tips when it comes to grilling panini.  Because, truth be told, the cost of making these things can start to add up! 1.  Get to know […]

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